Drupal Template: 
UQ School Template

To create a basic page, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Click Content to expand the menu. Move the mouse pointer over Add Content to display the add content menu,  then click Basic Page to create the page.

Menu - Add a Basic page

Step 2

The Create Basic Page displays. Complete the numbered items and click Save.

1. Title
The title is a mandatory field and displays as Heading 1 at the top of the webpage.
2. Summary
Displays below the title when the basic page is displayed as a front page hero.
3. WYSIWYG Editor
What You See Is What You Get. You can style the text and add rich media contents to your document in real time by using the editor toolbar buttons and dialog windows. The result will be seen immediately. You do not need to work with HTML code directly.
4. Body field
Enter the content, links and inline images to be displayed on the webpage.
Create a basic page 1-4




5. Image Field
Upload an Image in the image field. The image displays on the right hand side of the published page and when the page is promoted to the Front page of the website.
6. Alternate Text and Caption
Enter the detail in the caption field and it will be displayed for all users. If an Alternate text field and a caption field are available, only complete the caption field. The screen reader will read the caption for the user with a visual impairment.
7. Featured Image
Upload an Image in the Featured image field. The image displays when the Basic page is displayed as a Front page hero.
Create a basic page 5-7




Menu Settings
8. Provide menu link
Tick Provide a menu link to ensure the basic page will appear in the site map.
9. Menu Link Title
The menu link title is automatically populated from the basic page title. The menu link title can be edited to suit your requirements.
10. Description
Content entered in the description field will be displayed when hovering over the menu link.
11. Parent Item
Selection of a parent item ensures improved website navigation by displaying a breadcrumb trail at the top of the page.
12. Weight
Select a weight to determine the order of the menu link in the Parent Item. Menu links with smaller weights are displayed before links with larger weights.
Create a basic page 8-12




Publishing Options
13. Publishing options
Click the tab Publishing options to finalise the publishing settings.
14. Promoted to front page
To display the basic page on the front page above the local site footer, tick Promoted to front page.
15. Sticky at top of lists
To retain the basic page above the local site footer even after more recent content is published, tick Sticky at top of lists.
16. Moderation State
Select the applicable moderation state. Draft is the first of 3 moderation states. The second is Needs Review and the third is Published.
17. Save
Click Save to update the basic page. Pages are not automatically published when it is saved. To publish the page, select published in the Moderation State.
Create a Basic Page 13-17