This functionality is available to anybody with Site Editor privileges.

It is required to have a google account in order to make the map as it is linked to your account.

Method 1: Manually adding the data


Adding markers and lines to your marks can be achievement by using these two buttons. 

An example of a map with this implemented:

To change the picture used for each icon simply click on the below button:

Method 2: spreadsheet


Start by clicking on the below button:

On the next page you can simply drag and drop your CSV,XLSX or KML files for them to be added directly to the map.


First start by clicking the below button.

We need to change the permission settings in order to allow the public to be able to view the map.


Locating the iframe:

Then click embed on the embed on site button.

Using this iframe we can embed the map directly into our site.

Embedding an iframe onto your site:

You need to make sure that your text editor is on Raw HTML format before pasting the iframe into the text field.