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This functionality is available to Administrators only.

Modules -> UQ Sub-content Views

The Sub-Content Renderer displays content from child menu items onto the parents menu item's page.

This can be useful when having many categories of topics that you would to like to be organized in a more readable and maintainable manner.


1. View Type:

This option defines the styling on the sub-content renderer and can changed to display more or less information about the child element.

2. Number of Items to Display:

Normally you will want this number quite high as you don't want users to be constricted by unknown contrants.

3. Preferred Menu:

This option means that you can target a secondary menu if implemented, to source for the sub-content renderer.

Note: that you will need the machine name of the menu.


4. Hide Disabled Links:

For most cases you want this option ticked, as site admins might want to disable links from sites and not realise that by default it will not remove that element from the associated renderer.

5. Depth of Sub-Children Content:

By default this is set to 0. But sometimes you might have a sub-content renderer with a sub-content renderer and nothing will display within the parent element. So changing this number will make the child renderer display as links within the parent renderer.