Student support will be one of the main uses of your School site and if it is well done, it will save staff time and be valued by students.

Identify frequently provided answers

The student support page is where you answer current students’ most frequently asked questions of academics and admin staff.  Text on the student support page should be cast as answers rather than questions and given user-centred headings to make it brief and easy to scan.

Cover common official answers

Policy and procedural questions require a consistent answer.  Examples include ‘how do I get an assignment extension?’ or ‘how can I get my assignment remarked’, possibly course and program planning advice too. Putting common official answers and forms online is important because:

  • then the advice is transparent and consistent which is fairer for everyone
  • it may be the only way a student will be able to meet a deadline
  • people expect to be able to look up the information they need online.  If their expectation is not met they will experience frustration with UQ.
  • it saves staff repeating themselves.

Transactions - forms, bookings, placements

Identify frequent transactions with your school and give these priority placement in your site. Your web content about transactions may involve pdfs, docs and seasonal news articles or newsletters - see UQ web styles for ways to manage these content formats.

Refer to the single source of truth

Address your students’ frequently asked questions even if it is not your job to provide the answer. The online equivalent of referring a student elsewhere for information is to link out to it. 

Avoid duplicating information - the UQ domain does not present as trustworthy when advice is provided by areas which do not have the delegation to give it.  If a question requires a decision by a person performing a particular role, then link to an explanation that is maintained by the relevant area.

Do not copy and paste advice into your site - even if you think it will be easier for the student.  The most important thing for the student is that the advice be correct.

Personalised information via My.UQ

Link the student to My.UQ if the answer lies there and, if necessary to be clear, add instructions about how to navigate, e.g. ‘apply for such-and-such via SI-Net (requires login, then go to 'My Requests' tab)’.

Maintain the digital front counter

To keep student support information current and relevant, stay abreast of your students' experience and expectations and changes in the wider UQ domain.