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For Site Coordinators :

Basic Banners

There is a list of things that are best practice methods to making a banner for your site. 

Structure->Views->Starter Banners

1. Open up a new view display:

So start by going to starter banners in the views menu.

In the top right hand corner there will be this dropdown. Use it to my a clone of the view, This is done so that you always have the template to revisit if needed.

2. Naming and Setting up display:

On this page you will want to decide on your base template for the banner and remove the rest.

Rename the display name and block name as they are used to identify the view. 


3. Selecting the sources of the pictures and how they display:

These Settings determine what information is gathered, what information is displayed and how that is all sorted. 

Note: within the Content Featured Image Tag it is recommended that you change Link Image to "nothing".

4. Number of banner images:

This dictates the amount of images that get displayed by the banner.