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Edit the FrontPage Hero

The feature window enables the school to showcase its work or services. To achieve the Sample 1 - FrontPage Hero, follow the steps listed below.

Before commencing this task, there needs to be an existing article or basic page to showcase.  If you do not have an article to use, follow the steps outlined in Create an Article or Create a Basic Page before continuing with the steps below. If either exists, proceed to Step 1.


Front Page Hero image



Step 1

Using the mouse, hover the pointer over the white space below the Community (Heading) to activate the Edit cog (). Click the icon to display the menu.

Featured Node Edit Menu icon


Step 2

The menu displays. Select Edit to open the FrontPage Hero page.

Featured Node Edit Menu icon Menu List


Step 3

To enter the Node Reference, start typing the Title of the page to feature in the Featured window and Title options will be displayed. Click on the Page Title to select the applicable page and click Save.

FrontPage Hero Autocomplete


The Node Reference displays in the format Title (Node Number). See the image below.


FrontPage Hero Node Reference completed


Alternatively, enter the Node Reference to be displayed in the Featured Node in the format Title (Node Number) and click Save.
  •   Find the Node Reference

    The Node Reference consists of the Title and the Node Number. Navigate to the page for which you require the node reference, and gather the required information.


    Find the node reference
    1. The Title (item numbered 1) appears at the top of the page above the tabs (i.e. view, edit and manage display).
    2. Hover the pointer over the edit tab, refer to item numbered 2. The path for the page will appear at the bottom of the screen, refer to item numbered 3.
    3. 291/edit. The number 291 in the path is the Node Number.
    4. Thus, the Node Reference is Recent Projects (291).


Step 4
Review the Featured window.  The numbered items in the image refer to the following fields on the Article that is published as the FrontPage Hero.
  1. Article Title
  2. Article Image
  3. Image Title

Sample FrontPage Hero


Step 5

To amend the display in the Featured window, return to the Article and edit the numbered items and click Save.

  1. Article Title
  2. Article Image
  3. Image Title

Note: Complete alternate text for the image because it is used for screen readers,  search engines or when the image cannot be loaded.

Edit Front Page Hero


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Featured Content Render

The featured content render enables the School to feature articles, new or events related to the School.  Thus, any basic page, article, event, project or grant that has been published and has the option promoted to front page ticked will display within the feature content render.  Follow the steps below to feature content in the Featured Content Render.

Featured Content Render


Edit content to display in the Featured Content Render
Step 1

Click Content located at the top left-hand side of the Home Page to display the list of content on the website.

Click Content


Step 2

The list of content displays.  Click on the hyperlinked title of the content type that will be displayed in the featured content render.

Select Content from Content List


Step 3

Click New draft to edit the Basic Page.

Edit New Draft


Step 4
The Edit Basic Page displays. Scroll to the bottom of the page and complete the numbered items.
  1. Tick Provide a menu link.
  2. Edit the menu link title if different to the Page title
  3. Select a Parent Item for the menu link. Selection of a parent item ensures improved website navigation by displaying a breadcrumb trail at the top of the page.
  4. Select a weight to determine the order of the menu link in the Parent Item. Menu links with smaller weights are displayed before links with larger weights.

Menu Settings for Basic Page

Step 5

Select the Publishing options and tick the box next to Promoted to front page to feature the basic page in the Featured Content Render and click Save.

Promoted to front page


Step 6

The web page displays.  If the web page is to be reviewed before publishing, select Apply to confirm the moderation state of Needs Review.

Apply Needs Review


Step 7

Using the mouse pointer, click Moderate to open the History of Sample 1 - Featured content render page

Select Moderate Basic Page


Step 8

The History of Sample 1 - Featured content render page displays.  To open the draft, click View in the Revision actions column.

Select View


Step 9

The draft Sample 1 - Featured content render page displays. Review the draft.  To edit the draft, click Edit draft.

Edit Draft


Step 10

The Edit Basic Page Sample 1 - Featured content render displays. Make the required changes and click Save.


Step 11

To publish the revised Sample 1 - Featured content render page, click Needs Review to display moderation state options.

Publish Sample Content


Step 12

Select Published and click Apply.

Select published and apply


The promoted page will display in the Featured content render.

First Promoted to Front page


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