The following guidance is provided to increase the consistency and quality of profile photos used on UQ websites.


Image Source

Images are currently either sourced from existing UQ Researchers images, provided by staff or arranged by school and faculty as an in-house photo session.


Format and Size

The content editor will automatically resize and compress uploaded images.  The following format and size guidelines are recommended

  • Photos should be provided in PNG or JPEG format
  • Minimum image dimension is 222px wide by 222px high
  • Maximum image file size is 20MB


Style and Usage
  • Typical image usage is in a square format
  • Images are cropped to the centre point
  • Supply a high quality photo


Good Image Style
Poor Image Style


Do keep your eyes naturally open and facing the camera.
Do Not open your eyes wide, close, block your eyes with sunglasses, hair or cover your eyes in shadow.


Do smile naturally with teeth visible.
Do Not clench you mouth shut or exaggerate a laughing smile.


Head and Shoulders
Do show head and shoulders or top of shoulders.
Do Not close-up on just head or full body shots.


Asymmetrical Composition
Do face the camera straight on or with your shoulders at a slight angle.
Do Not stand symmetrical/flat, facing the camera.


  • Simplify the background
  • Ensure the background is clear and uncluttered
  • Solid, not-too-bright wall or simple outdoor background works well.


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