Example of site title with prefix and suffix options

This is available only to Site Administrators. If you require a Site title change, please log a helpdesk ticket for the CMS team. Site titles fall under UQ guidelines.

​To configure your site's title go to Configuration > System > Site Information

Admin menu showing location of Site Information section

Standard site title

The 'Site name' is the official name of the site. This will display by default if none of the other options below it are specified. It is unaffected by the prefix or suffix options.

Site title settings

Prefix and suffix options

The prefix and suffix options can be used to lead in site title with the org unit type, or define a sub-system of the org unit. For instance 'School of' or 'Faculty of' are prefixes, while 'Intranet' or 'Newsletter' are suffixes.

The 'Site heading prefix' will sit above the Site heading if it is specified. You may choose to display the prefix in either a small or default font size. Small is recommended for most prefixes.

The 'Site heading' is used to override the 'Site name'. It must be specified in order to use a Prefix or Suffix, and it can be the same as the 'Site name'.

The 'Site suffix' will sit below the Site heading if it is specified. You may choose to display the suffix in either a small or default font size.

Click Save configuration at the bottom of the page to apply your changes.