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UQ Base Template

Display Suite (DS) Inception is a module created for UQ to allow users to easily build engaging homepages. It ties in with Display Suite to use the DS layouts, and allows users to drag and drop content blocks into the different regions.

Inception view

A drop zone for each region in the DS layout is highlighted with a yellow box.

Elements can be added to each zone using the drop down menu. Select the type of element you want to add and the options screen to select that element will appear.

Inception drop zones and add element menu

Once elements are added they can be dragged around to different zones. The element will become semi-transparent and the selected zone will highlight a darker yellow to indicate which one you are dropping the element into.

When you drop the element into another zone it will resize to fit that space.

Moving an element to another drop zone in Inception

Once one or move elements are moved you will need to save the changes. A black strip will appear along the bottom of the page whenever there are changes to save.

Saving changes in Inception

Removing elements

Hovering over an element will display a toolbar above it. This gives options for configuring the element, editing, changing access permissions, and removing the element from the inception page.

Inception element toolbar

Element toolbar

  • Cog = Change config of the element in Inception
  • Pencil = Edit the element
  • People = Change access permissions for who can see the element. This allows individual elements to only display for certain user roles
  • Recycle bin = Remove the element from the Inception page. It doesn't delete the block, just removes it from Inceptions list of elements.

Preview mode

Preview lets you see the content of the page without the Inception drop zones and admin information in the way. This lets you quickly see what end users will see without having to logout.


The scratch zone is a temporary zone for holding elements that won't display on the page. It is accessed via the scratch tab that sticks to the right side of the browser.

Inception scratch zone closed

Clicking scratch will open the zone to show you the elements held there. Elements can be dragged onto scratch to take them off the page, or dragged from scratch back onto one of the page's drop zones.

The red circle indicates the number of elements currently in scratch.

Inception scratch zone open

Page options & changing layout

Inception is a content type which means it acts like any other node and has some of the same properties. Clicking the Edit Page Options / Layout button will open the page settings for the Inception page.

You can change the title, menu options, url alias, and published state.

The whole Inception page can be deleted by clicking the Delete button on the Page Settings screen. This won't delete any of the blocks displayed in Inception, only the Inception page itself. This cannot be undone.