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UQ Base Template

So we have a list of promoted pages but we want to also display some featured pages. It might be an announcement, or an event, or course that needs to be highlighted. We're now going to use banners to feature some items above our list.

Completed feature banners example

Step 1

Once again we need some content pages to feature, so create three pages: Introductory workshop, How to apply, and Activity schedule. (You can change these later or use ones that mean something more to your site)

  1. For each page, open the Publishing Options tab on the edit screen and tick 'Promoted to front page' and 'Featured'.
  2. Add a Featured Image 
  3. Add a Feature Caption, this will be displayed on each coloured button
  4. Add a Title, this displays in a grey box across the image.

Step 2

On the homepage, select Add Element on the top Inception drop zone and select View.

From the list of Views select Starter Banners and pick the Tall Banner with action buttons option.

This View is pre-configured to display up to three items that are set to Promoted to front page AND Featured.

Read more information on banners and to see a demo of all the available prebuilt banners