Tabs are only available via the Quicktabs module.

How to use Quicktabs

  1. Enable Quicktabs module. (The module is not enabled by default and must be requested for use)
  2. Add a Quicktab by going to Structure > Quicktabs > Add Quicktabs Instance
  3. Enter a title, this will be the block title.
  4. Change the renderer to 'zurb_foundation' and select your desired 'Tab Style' below
  5. By default it gives you 2 blank tabs. Enter a title for each and select the item of content you want to display in each tab. You can display blocks, views, node content, or even another Quicktabs instance in each tab. Quicktabs are just a container that displays other content in a tabbed format, the content doesn't live within Quicktabs itself.
  6. Add as many additional tabs as you require.
  7. Once saved the Quicktab is available as a block. Go to Structure > Blocks to find it and assign to a region and pages.

Notes to address

  • Tabs that don't include the heading of the content in them actually output an empty <h2> tag containing an empty <a>.
  • All the tabs point to anchors but the anchor ids don't exist on the tab descriptions. Fails WCAG and means you can't link directly to a specific tab.
  • Zurb_Foundation styles are available to Quicktabs (module) when added as a block. When Quicktabs are used as a formatter for a View, the Zurb_Foundation styles are not available. This still needs to be configured.
  • TO DO: The base Quicktab styles need to be disabled as they are awful.