Site search is provided via the Google Search Appliance (GSA), located at The search field on sites passes the search paramater to the GSA and results are displayed on

Adding the search field

Newly created sites will have the search field enabled by default. For older sites:

Go to Structure > Blocks and add the UQ Google Search block to the Search region.

Adding sites to the index

Any site on the domain is automatically included in the GSA index. That includes alias sites like, and subdomain sites like

Non-UQ domain sites must be added manually to the index. These should be submitted via the ITS Helpdesk

It usually takes 24 hours for new sites and new content to show up in the index.

What is indexed?

All public web pages, readable documents like .doc and .pdf, and images will be indexed.

Web pages and documents requireing authentication to access are not indexed. This includes content within intranets.

My site doesn't list first in the search results

The GSA uses Google's algorithms so content is ranked based on relevance of content. If your page doesn't rank first then you either need to improve the content on that page or find it via different keywords.

We do not apply bias to the results.