This functionality is only available to Site Coordinators and Administrators.


What are views?

Views are used to select, sort and display content in various ways.

Examples of what you can do with Views:

  • Create a list of all the events running on a site, each list item then links to a full page of the event. Display this list as a block on the homepage and again on the events page.
  • Create an index of all your content pages that is sortable and contains multiple columns of data, such as author, date created and taxonomies.

You can add in filters based on dynamic input (conditional filters) and join one piece of content with another if they share a piece of information (relationships).

Why use views?

Views is very useful when there is a need to display content that frequently changes. For example, an event list would need a view. Otherwise, the site maintainer will need to manually unpublish events once they have passed. And if you have more than one event feed on the site (eg. one on the homepage, another on an events page), the site maintainer will need to update two different spots.