This functionality is available to anybody with Site Editor privileges and ITS Checkbox access.

1.Making the survey:

Go to the site:Checkbox

After logging go to '+ Survery':

After you have named the survey and switched it to be active, you're ready to add content into your survey:

This is where you will can customise your survey to whatever suits you. 

2. Adding the survey to your site:

The launch button: This will give you different options for the survey like permissions, and how many times the survey can be completed.

The link/Embed button: This will give you an iframe to insert your survey directly into your UQ Drupal site via html. Copy the text in the box, ready to paste into your UQ Drupal site.

Embedding an iframe onto your site:

You need to make sure that your text editor is on Raw HTML format before pasting the iframe into the text field!

For more detailed Checkbox training you can go to: Checkbox Training