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Steps to setup a taxonomy, in order to use within a view to filter pages by.

1.0 Add Vocabulary:

Structure ->Taxonomy->Vocabulary

Try and name it something with Tag at the end for easy visibility.

Add terms to the newly added Vocabulary.

Now add the different search criterias that you want to be able to search by later in your view.

2.0 Basic Page Display:

Structure-> Content Types -> Basic Page -> Manage Fields

Add new field, with the field type set as term reference. 

The checkboxes is the recommended format to edit the data.

Position the field above the the relationship tag section.

3.0 Hidden Display on Page: 

Structure-> Content Types -> Basic Page -> Manage Display

Find your Tag taxonomy and hides it to prevent it from appearing on your basic content pages.

Now you are really to add this taxonomy to your pages and make a view filtering out those pages.