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Guidance Notes

The Our People page provides an opportunity to showcase the different types of Staff that work in the school. Group types have already been populated for the school site and these are listed below.

  1. Executive
  2. Academic
  3. Adjunct and Honorary
  4. Associate
  5. Fellows
  6. Professional Staff

NOTE: If the Research Areas and Projects have not yet been created, return to the Research/Staff Profile at a later date and update these fields when available.


The Staff Groups section of the Our People page relies on the Staff Group taxonomy and the Research/Staff profile content type. The Staff Group taxonomy consists of a list of terms to group types of staff, such as Academic or Professional. It is recommended that the school determine how they would like to group their staff and add these groups as terms to the Staff Group taxonomy.  In the screenshot below the list of terms included in the Staff Group taxonomy are displayed.  When creating the Researcher/Staff Profile, a term is selected to add a staff member to one of the groups in the Staff Group taxonomy.


Staff Group Terms


To add to the Staff Group taxonomy or add a Researcher/Staff profile, select the applicable option below and follow the instructions.‚Äč

Add a Content Type: Researcher / Staff Profile

Add a Content Type: Researcher / Staff profile

Drupal Template: 
UQ School Template
Step 1

Click Content to expand the menu. Move the mouse pointer over Add Content to display the content menu. Click Researcher/Staff Profile to open the Content page.

Add Researcher or Staff profile Content type


Step 2

The Create Researcher/Staff Profile page displays. Complete the following fields 1-12 and click Save:

  1. Display Name
  2. First Name
  3. Surname

Create a Research or Staff Profile fields 1-3


  1. Position - this area will remain collapsed until a position is added.


Create a Researcher or Staff Profile fields 4


Note: If Add a Position is clicked the form is expanded, see the screenshot below. To add additional positions, click Add another Position.


Create Research or Staff Profile - Add a Position


  1. Email
  2. UQ Username
  3. UQ Staff ID
  4. Photo - files must be less than 20MB. Allowed file types: png, gif, jpd, jpeg.

Create Research or Staff Profile fields 5-8


  1. Bio - Biography
  2. UQ Research ID


  •   Find the UQ Research ID

    The UQ Research ID is distinct from the ResearchID. The UQ Research ID references the repository of profiles of academic staff at The University of Queensland whereas the ResearchID references an external website, ResearchID.com To find the UQ Research ID, follow the steps listed below.

    1. Navigate to http://researchers.uq.edu.au/ and type in the name of the reseacher and click Find Researchers.
    2. The researcher's UQ Researchers profile page displays.  The UQ Research ID appears at the end of the URL, https://researchers.uq.edu.au/researcher/{UQ Research ID}.


    UQ Research ID



  1. Research Area - select one of the research areas created in Add a Term: Research Area
  2. eSpace Author ID - populating this information enables publication information to populate on the Researcher/Staff Profile page

Create Research or Staff Profile fields 9-12


  1. Projects - projects added here will display as a link on the Researcher/Staff Profile page. Start typing the project name to activate the drop-down to select the applicable project.
  2. Publishing options - if the profile is ready to publish, select Published otherwise leave unticked and click Save.

Create Research or Staff profile page fields 13-14

After clicking Save, the updated Research/Staff Profile page displays.  

Research Profile Page


Add a Term: Staff Group

Add a Term: Staff Group

Drupal Template: 
UQ School Template

This functionality is available to Site Coordinators and Administrators only.

Step 1

Click Structure to expand the menu. Move the mouse pointer over Taxonomy to display the taxonomy menu. Hover the mouse pointer over Staff Group to display the Staff Group menu, then click Add term.

Add a Term - Staff Group


Step 2

Enter the Staff Group name and click Save.

Staff Group Structure page


A blank Staff Group page with a confirmation of the addition of a Staff group is displayed.

Staff Group saved


Return to Step 2 to add additional Staff Groups.