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UQ School Template

Guidance Notes

  • Opportunity to introduce the School, identify partnerships, major achievements and awards/rankings.
  • List specialist facilities or services offered and any sub-units managed by the School.

There are two stages for publishing the updated About page and these are as follows:

  1. Update the About page
  2. Moderate and publish the About page 

Update the About page 

Step 1

To create a new draft of the About page, click New draft.

About Page - New Draft



Step 2

The Edit Basic Page About displays. Replace the explanatory text with a description of the School, notable achievements, research outcomes amongst others.

About Page



Step 3
Review updated text  and click Save.

About Page - updated school text


The About page is saved and displays the following:

  1. Update Notification
  1. Revision Details
    1. Revision State is Draft
    2. It is the most recent revision
    3. Moderation State is at Needs Review
  1. Tabs enabling access to:
    1. View the published About page
    2. View the draft About page
    3. Edit the draft About page
    4. Moderate the About page

 Draft About Page



Moderate and publish the About page

Step 1

Using the mouse pointer, click Moderate to open the History of About page.

Moderate About Page Tab

Step 2

The History of About page displays.  To open the draft, click View in the Revision actions column.

History of About Page


Step 3

The draft About page displays. Review the draft.  To edit the draft, click Edit draft.

About Page - Edit Draft

Step 4

The Edit Basic Page About displays. Make the required changes and click Save.


Step 5

To publish the revised About page, click Needs Review to display moderation state options.

Update Moderation State to published


Step 6 

Select Published and click Apply.

About Page Apply Published

The About page is published and displays the following update:

Revision Details

  • Revision State is Published.
  • It is the most recent revision

About Page Published