Following are some examples of UQ sites built in UQ Drupal. Their variety showcases the flexibility of UQ Drupal for developers.

Pre-Drupal Release 1

Launched quarter 1, 2014

  • Art Museum

    The Art Museum was an OCMPS to Drupal migration. The 1:1 migration produced an entirely new data-structure on the other side, making maintaining content infinitely easier than before.
    Customised Site by 3rd party developer.

  • Translational Research Institute

    TRI is an entirely custom job built from the ground up and running on the UQ-Drupal codebase.
    Customised Site by 3rd party developer.

  • UQ Sport

    UQ Sport was developed by a sole web-developer with a glint in his eye internally at UQ Sport, after minimal training and never having touched Drupal before.  It took several months, but the end result is pretty awesome.  UQ sport is good example of the flexibility of UQ-Drupal.

    The site uses UQ Drupal's Central ‘Article’ and ‘Event’ content types,  allowing their content can be shared back upstream to UQ central systems in the near future.
    Customised Site by 3rd party developer.