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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Drupal Template: 
UQ School Template


Purpose: Create questions that are hyperlinked to answers.

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Example: frequently asked questions

  1. What is Drupal?
  2. What is the history of UQ Drupal?
  3. Are there any UQ sites in Drupal?



Drupal is an Open Source content management system (CMS) for websites that will be replacing the UQCMS platform.

The UQ Drupal Transition Team have been working hard customise Drupal 7 to create a flexible yet simple platform for organisational units to use in managing their web presence, while still adhering to UQ styles and branding.

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UQ-Drupal pilot was originally conceived and architected by Stuart Rowlands and David Gwynne (EAIT) in 2011. After the assesment of various web building paltforms, Drupal became the choice as successor to the ageing OCMPS platform.

The UQ-CMS replacement project is underway to phase out the old platform by late 2016.  

The UQ Drupal core has been contributed to since 2011, in particular by the following people in it's early form: 

  • Core development & systems architecture: Stuart Rowlands & David Gwynne
  • Central data architecture & development: Stuart Rowlands, Jim Smith & key input by David Gwynne
  • Display suite inception development: Stuart Rowlands
  • Core theme development: Graham Arrowsmith & David Pollitt
  • Core contributors: Graham Arrowsmith, Jim Smith, Jonathan Matthew
  • Training materials: David Pollitt & Donna Clark, Deborah Roberts
  • Initial conception of the Migration Script: Stuart Rowlands

The expanded UQ Drupal Team is now working working on bringing UQ Drupal, support and training to the University.   We would also like to say a special thanks to the early adopters for all their feedback and support in helping build the platform.

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There are currently over 100 sites in UQ Drupal. Take a look at this site regularly to check the latest sites to be built. 

A few of the centrally-supported sites are:

There are other sites in UQ Drupal who were the early adopters using their own Drupal capability, and are not centrally supported.

Several areas of UQ were already using Drupal before it was selected as the UQ-wide solution, so there are already many UQ websites running on Drupal. These areas are running their own versions of Drupal, not using the forthcoming central system.

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Large pdfs

Large pdfs


Purpose: Provide special treatment to PDFs, forms and documents to ensure they are accessible, findable and easy to maintain online.


  1. Create a page which summarises the content of the file
  2. Give the page a stable address (e.g. .../handbook)
  3. Always link to the page, not directly to the file.


Example: Special treatment for a large pdf

Download the School of Veterinary Science Student Handbook 2015 (PDF, 1.9MB).

Handbook contents

The Student Handbook provides comprehensive information about programs offered by our School including:

  • professional development
  • admissions, enrolment and applying for credit
  • changing your courses
  • attendance, computer and other study requirements
  • assessment policies
  • Extra-Mural Studies information - sometimes known as prac work or practical work placements - including insurance coverage
  • ethical concerns on the use of animals in teaching
  • key contact information and sources of student support
  • occupational health and safety, including immunisations and lab safety rules
  • campus security.