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This functionality is available to Site Coordinators and Administrators only.

The Study Area section of the Study page relies on taxonomies to enable its functionality.  A taxonomy (also referred to as vocabularies)  is a way to categorise content in Drupal.  The taxonomies that exist in the UQ School Template are funding source, grant type, research area, staff group and study area. Each of these taxonomies consist of a list terms to group types (related items). In the case of study areas, the school will determine the group types to use to list their study areas.

Follow the steps below to:

  1. Add a Study Area
  2. Edit a Study Area

Add a Term: Study Area

Step 1

Click Structure to expand the menu. Move the mouse pointer over Taxonomy to display the taxonomy menu. Hover the mouse pointer over Study Area to display the Study Area menu, then click Add term.

Study Area - Add Term


Step 2

Complete the following fields and click Save:

  1. Name

Study Area - Name


Web page display

Study Area 1 - name



  1. Introduction - Add a paragraph (this area will remain collapsed until a paragraph is added).

Introduction - Add a Paragraph collapsed


Note: If Add a Paragraph is clicked the form is expanded, see the screenshot below.  To add additional paragraphs click Add Another Paragraph.


Introduction - Add a Paragraph expanded

  1. Why Choose

Why Choose field


Web page display

Introduction and Why choose


  1. Undergraduate
  2. Postgraduate
  3. Research call to action

Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Call to Action


Web page display

WebPage - Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Call to Action


  1. What our graduates are doing.

Add Study Area - 7


Web page display

What our graduates are doing



The added Terms display in a black bar on the Study page below the header, Study.


Study Page - Added Terms


Note: For each Term that is added to the Study Area taxonomy, a page is created for that term and displays the content entered for that term when the term is created. To view this page click the term, Study Area 1, and the Study Area 1 page displays in full, see the screenshot below.

Study Area 1 - labelled

Edit a Study Area

Two sections are available to edit on the term, Study Area 1, page.

  1. Edit the Study Header
  2. Edit Study Area Structure Page


Edit the Study Header

Step 1 

Using the mouse, hove the pointer over the Study Header to activate the field and display the Edit cog  (Edit menu icon). Click the icon to display the menu.

Study Header - Edit Menu cog


Step 2

The menu displays. Select Edit to edit the text.

Study Header - Edit Menu List


Step 3

To replace the text, edit the text in the Body field and click Save.

Study Header - Structure Page


The study header is updated.

Study Header updated


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Edit the Study Area Structure page

To edit the content that appears on the Study Area 1 page, the Term must be edited.

Step 1

Click Structure to expand the menu. Move the mouse pointer over Taxonomy to display the taxonomy menu. Click Study Area to display the list of terms added to the Study Area taxonomy.

Study Area Menu selection


Step 2

The Study Area Taxonomy displays. Click the hyperlinked edit for the applicable term.

Study Area Taxonomy


Step 3

The Study Area Term displays.  Edit the text in the fields and click Save.

Study Area Structure page


The term is updated.

Study Area updated


Step 4

Click Save.

Study Area configuration updated

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