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The study degrees area should be updated with the available programs and linked to the central program profile on uq.edu.au/study.


Step 1

Using the mouse, hover the pointer over the heading, Undergraduate, to activate the Edit cog  (Edit menu icon). Click the icon to display the menu.

Undergraduate Edit Menu Icon


Step 2

The menu displays. Select Edit to edit the text.

Undergraduate Select Edit


Step 3

  Edit the text in the Body field.

Edit Undergrad Structure page


Step 4

Link the Undergraduate Course to the Courses and Programs URL found at uq.edu.au/study. Click the Link (Link icon)icon.


Add Link to text


Step 5

Select the Link Type, URL and enter the Course and Programs URL for the program and click OK.


Add Course and Programs link


Step 6

Click Save to accept the updates and the updated Study page displays

Study Page Updated


Note:  Update the Honours, Postgraduate and Research Higher Degree sections in the same way.


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