Drupal Template: 
UQ School Template


To achieve the customised Top Banner for your school Home Page as exemplified in the image below, the title and banner image must be edited. To access the instructions, click on the hyperlinked elements below.

  1. Title
  2. Banner image

Title and Banner Image


Edit the Title

Step 1

Using the mouse, hover the pointer over the title to activate the Title field and display the Edit cog (Edit Menu icon). Click the icon to display the menu.

School Title Edit Menu Cog


Step 2

The menu displays. Select Edit to open the Structure page.

School Title Edit Menu List


Step 3

The page displays.  To insert the name of the school or message in the banner, edit the text in the Body of the Structure Page and click Save.

Title Structure Edit


The title is updated on the Home Page.

Updated Home Page Title




The blue background for the Top Banner can be edited by inserting an image or changing the background colour to white, grey, black or purple.

  Contact the CMS Drupal Team to assist with editing the Banner Image.