UQ School Theme
UQ School Template

For Site Editors and Site Coordinators who need to add and manage content for websites using UQ School theme.

Drupal Site Editor Training

UQ Base Template

For Site Editors and Site Coordinators who need to add and manage content for websites using UQ Base template.

Drupal Training resources
Planning your Website

Processes for how to plan, design and build your website regardless of the Drupal theme used.


  • Which template is applied to my website?

    If the front page of your website has the following image in the bottom left hand-side of the webpage, it is has the UQ School template applied. If it does not have this image, then it has the UQ Base template applied."

Drupal is a content management system (CMS) that allows users to create many different types of websites. In addition to core Drupal functionality, a website look and feel is determined by the template that is applied to the website.  

At UQ, our websites currently have either the UQ School template or UQ Base template applied. The theme determines, amongst other things, the available website regions, available components, styles and icons.While some training guides are generic, others are targeted specifically for one of the themes. 

Note: Drupal training is only available to staff who are required to update webpages created in the Drupal CMS. Before access to a live/development Drupal website can be enabled, a UQ staff member must have written permission from the website owner.