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On this page site editors will find the step-by-step instructions on how to add  and edit content to web pages.  This page also has instructions on how to cut-and-paste a MS Word document into a webpage.

Upon completion of the exercise below you will now have a webpage that is populated with content.

View the full list of content

Click on Content in the admin menu on the top left hand menu of the browser to see all of the nodes on the site. This will include Pages and any other content types the site might have.

  • To "find" your content

    • Filter by status: published/unpublished/promoted/not promoted/sticky/not sticky
    • Filter the list of content by its type
  • Edit your content by clicking "edit" to the right of the listing

  • Preview your page (whether published or unpublished) by clicking on the title

  • Perform simple bulk operations by checking a group of content, choosing your action on the drop down list and clicking Apply.

    • publish/unpublish
    • promote to appear in feeds / remove from feeds
    • Make content sticky / not sticky
    • Trigger the system to update the URL aliases

In page editing

You can also navigate to a page on the front-end of the site and click the Edit tab instead of going through Content in the admin menu.

Edit option on page

Cutting & Pasting documents into a webpage

When cutting and pasting information directly from a Word Document, text document or another web page, unnecessary code from that page will carry through to your site. This code is not visible unless viewed through the source but it can potentially cause problems for search engines, people with disabilities and devices such as phones and tablets. It can also make your page display strangely and cause problems editing your page at a later stage. For best results use the Paste from Word button.

  • Open up your MS Word document and copy your content (Ctrl A)
  • Click the Paste from Word icon and paste your document into the dialogue box (Ctrl V)
  • Click Ok

Example of how to cut and paste from MS Word

EXERCISE: Editing and adding page content

Read through the steps noted on this page to familiarise yourself on how to edit and add content to a webpage. Complete the activity below.

  • Navigate to the Training Resources webpage, open the Sample document located on this page, and copy the content of the document (Ctrl A).
  • Locate your "About us" webpage and click to edit this page.
  • Click the Paste from Word icon and paste your document into the dialogue box (Ctrl V) then click Ok
  • Save your webpage.

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