Drupal Theme: 
UQ Base Template

By this stage you should have the following blocks on your homepage:

  1. A banner displaying all your featured content.
  2. A list of your promoted pages.
  3. A block of HTML text.
  4. A list of your 3 most recent news articles.

The final exercise

By this stage you should be able to arrange your homepage blocks to display like the bottom screen. 
Hint: You will need to add a different view for your promoted pages called "Front: 2up: Title, Summary, Image" and then arrange the blocks into the correct regions.

Further reading

The help guide is where you can find more information about all the components of UQ Drupal. If you have questions regarding any of the components we covered, try looking in the help guide

Read more about DS Inception.

Site Coordinator Training Feedback

Well done! You have completed the Site Coordinator online Training for UQ Drupal.

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