Learning Objectives: 

In this session, you will learn how to add, modify and delete links, as well as, rearrange the order of links in the black menu.

Unit 1.1: Add links to the menu

  1. In the Admin menu go to Content
  2. Edit each page “About us”, “Contact us”, “News” and “Students”, and tick “Provide a menu link” at the bottom to add the page to the menu.
  3. The Menu Link Title will auto-populate from the page title. If you have a long page title, you may want to shorten it on the menu.
  4. Save

You should have these pages listed on your black menu. They may be in a different order, but we will reorder them in the next exercise.

Unit 1.2: Alter the menu

Reorder menu items

The above image shows that the order of menu items is not ideal. We will reorder what's there.

  1. Move your mouse to the top, right corner of the black menu
  2. Click on the cog button and select 'Edit menu'
  3. Rearrange the menu by dragging the items into the following order:

    - Home
    - About Us
    - Students
    - News
    - Contact Us

  4. Save

​Delete a menu item

  1. Select 'Edit menu' from the black menu cog icon again.
  2. Delete the “Students” menu item. This won't delete the page, just remove it from the menu.
  3. Save

Add a menu item

There are two ways to add pages to menus:

a. via the page edit screen
b. via the menu itself

  1. Edit the menu and click "Add link"
  2. Enter a title for the link and the url path.
    1. For pages on your site, enter the node ID rather than the friendly url so that the link doesn't break if the friendly url is changed. To get the node ID open another browser tab and go to Content. Search for your page and click edit then look for the node/number in the URL (eg. node/8)
    2. For pages on other sites, enter the full url path (e.g. http://www.google.com)
  3. ​Enter the url path or node ID in the path field
  4. Save


When editing a menu, you may have already noticed that it is possible to drag items to an indented spot underneath other items. This will place the indented menu item onto a secondary menu.

Remember to save once you have reordered your items. The end result will look similar to this:


At the moment, the system does not support menu structures that go deeper than 2 levels in the blackmenu.

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