Welcome to The University of Queensland Site Coordinator training tutorials. The role of the Site Coordinator is to develop webpages using the advanced functionality features in Drupal. Upon completion of this training tutorial your sandbox should contain a finished website with a homepage that displays banners and a newsfeed, as well as and a number of associated webpages.

The training is comprised of three modules with activities within each module.

Module 1: How to add, modify and delete links, as well as, rearrange the order of links in the black menu.
Module 2: Build and modify a homepage using the Inception module.
Module 3: Install a new content type from Central things manager and create a Newsfeed listing


Before starting this course you must have already undertaken the Site Editor training course and can confidently perform the tasks of a Site Editor:

  • Can create, modify, delete and publish/unpublish content
  • Can view and revert revisions
  • Can upload, and delete images and documents

If you do not have a sandbox site for training, please generate one now. Sandbox sites are for demonstration and testing purposes only.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Configure content to promote and feature on the homepage
  • Build a basic homepage from start to finish
  • Configure a block to display on an inner page
  • Create, modify, position, and delete blocks on a homepage
  • Modify and add links to a menu
  • Install Central Things (access and use centrally maintained content types and taxonomies)
  • Create Article pages
  • Display news articles in a feed on the homepage and in a dedicated news page.