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UQ Base Template



Welcome to The University of Queensland Site Editor training tutorials for the UQ Base theme websites. All new users to the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) are required to undertake Editor Training.

  • Which theme is applied to my website?

    If the front page of your website has the following image in the bottom left hand-side of the webpage, it is has the UQ School theme applied. If it does not have this image, then it has the UQ Base theme applied." If you website is using the UQ School theme, access the UQ School Template training.


  • Site Editors have the basic set of permissions that will allow them to easily maintain the websites that they are responsible for. Their primary purpose is to generate and maintain content for their UQ website. 

The majority of users who edit Drupal websites will be Site Editors.  
If a user is a designated Site Coordinator then Site Editor training must be undertaken before moving onto the Site Coordinator training.


To complete the activities in the Site Editor and Site Coordinator training for UQ Base theme, use one of the following:

  1. Your existing training Drupal website or;
  2. Create a sandbox site by clicking the “Create a sandbox site” button below.
    Note: sandbox sites are for demonstration and testing purposes only

Create a sandbox site

Start the course

If you chose to create a sandbox site, click the “Start the course” button once you have been notified that the site creation has been completed.

Start the course

Learning Objectives

In this training module, Site Editors will find the step-by-step tutorials and instructions. Site Editors should undertake and complete all the tutorials in the sequence provided from Activity 1 to Activity 9.

Once completed, Site Editors should be able to demonstrate that they can competently perform all basic tasks required to maintain content on a Drupal website.