Learning Objectives: 

On this page, site editors will find the step-by-step instructions on how to delete pages. Please note it is preferred that you unpublish a page, rather than delete it, as any attached images on the deleted page will also be deleted.  As with Editing Content, you can find the page you want to unpublish/delete either by navigating to it and clicking the Edit tab; or by selecting Content from the admin menu to find it there.

Upon completion of the Site Editor training please continue the advanced training available on the Site Coordinators Course.

Step 1: Edit the page you want to delete

Click on Content in the admin menu to see all of the nodes on the site. This will include Pages and any other content types the site might have. When you click to edit the page you want to delete, the Delete button will be at the bottom right of the edit screen.

Node delete on edit page

Alternatively, when you view the full list of site content, you can click Delete beside the node you want to delete.

Delete option on the Content list view

You will be prompted to confirm you want to delete so that it doesn't happen accidentally.

Bulk deletion

You can also check multiple content items and select the drop down box to perform a bulk action.

CAUTION: Deleting a node is permanent, there is no way to recover a node once it has been deleted.

EXERCISE: Deleting pages

  1. Navigate to Content in the admin menu and locate "news" and "student" webpages.
  2. Delete "news" and "student" webpages using bulk actions.
    Site Coordinators Note: Once deleted create "news" and "student" webpages again as this will be required for Site Coordinator Training exercises.