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This functionality is available to Site Coordinators and Administrators only.

If a pin does not exist on Google Maps for your Organisation Unit location, a pin can be added.


Step 1

Using the mouse, hover the pointer over the map to activate the field and display the Edit cog (Edit Menu icon) to the right of the map. Click the icon to display the menu.

Google Map edit icon


Step 2

The menu displays. Select Configure mini panel to edit the panel.

Google Map configure mini panel


Step 3

Click the Edit cog on the Map block and select Edit.

Select Edit of Map block


Step 4

The configure page displays.  Enter the building address, location or Google Map URL and click Get Location.

Enter building address and click get location


Step 5

The Google map is refreshed. Click Finish.

Google Map updated, click finish


Step 6

Click Save and return to the Contact Page.

Save mini panel


The Contact Page is updated with the new Google Map.

Updated Google Map