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  • Block grid

    Block grid lets you display lists, <ul> or <ol>, in columns rather than the standard vertical list. In this example we have six list items which we want to display in three columns.

    On the <ul> tag add class="block-grid" and then set the number of columns as class="block-grid three-up"

    So that it displays nicely on a mobile device we will add another class to display in one column on phones.

    <ul class="block-grid three-up mobile-one-up">

    Number of columns

    The UQ Base theme is based on a 12 column grid and this applies to block-grid as well. Column options from one-up through to twelve-up are available, and the same applies for mobile-one-up through to mobile-twelve-up.

    Further information: http://foundation.zurb.com/docs/components/block_grid.html

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